Vaginal Enhancement and Sexual Wellness

Labial Rejuvenation - As women age, or through childbirth, the labia majora (outer labia) loose collagen and subsequent volume. This may make the outer vagina look darker and more wrinkled (volume depleted). In some women, this can not only make the labia minora (inner labia) look more prominent, but can also sometimes increase pain during intercourse and set the woman up for more instances of vaginal infections. At youthology, our labial rejuvenations can be done with PRP alone or by combining PRP with the biostimulator Bellafill. The aim of the treatment is to improve the volume (plumpness) of the labia majora and to improve the tissue quality to make your vagina look and feel more youthful. 

Our labial Rejuvenation can also be done to strengthen the perineum. The perineum can be weakened through childbirth or other medical conditions such as fistulas or cysts. Bellafill is used in conjunction with PRP to reinforce the skin in this area by improving the collagen fibronetwork through neocollagenesis.  
  • Labial Rejuvenation | Priced per syringe of Bellafill + $200 PRP
  • Perineum Strengthening | Priced per syringe of Bellafill + $200 PRP

Non-Surgical Labiaplasty - At youthology, we offer non-surgical labiaplasty with Renuvion, a technology that combines helium plasma with radiofrequency to internally coagulate and constrict tissue without surgical excision of the tissue and with less downtime. The internal contraction of the skin’s fibroseptal network will, in turn, constrict the skin. For the correct patient, the Renuvion is used to constrict the tissue of the labia majora, labia minora, and the clitoral hood. Excess tissue in the labia minora can cause increased discomfort with intercourse or exercise and can increase the possibility of vaginal infections. Increased skin in the clitoral hood can decrease the ability to achieve adequate stimulation during sexual activity. Non-surgical labiaplasty can be also combined with PRP injections, Labial rejuvenation, or liposuction of the Mons Pubis (upper pubic region). 
  • Non-Surgical Labiaplasty | Starting at $3,500 - Consultation required
O-Shot (Orgasm Shot)® - The O-shot is a relatively painless way of using your body’s own regenerative products to improve the health of your vagina. It is done by extracting your blood and separating and injecting the regenerative components called PRP. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and is essentially the growth factors, stem cells, and platelets from your blood. The extracted and processed PRP is used to treat the clitoris and the G-spot. The O-shot was invented by Dr Charles Runnels and there is many scientific studies and articles written on the effectiveness of using PRP for sexual dysfunction.
The O-shot is done painlessly and is used to:
-Decrease pain during intercourse (known as dyspareunia)
-Increase the ability to have orgasms
-Achieve greater arousal from stimulation
-Improve the tightness of your vaginal canal 
-Improve the elasticity of your vaginal canal
-Improve urinary incontinence (usually needs to be done in a group of at least
 3 treatments)
-Improve the amplitude and frequency of orgasms
-Increase lubrication
  • O-Shot | $1,200 per treatment
Bio-Indentical Hormone Therapy -