Penis Enlargement


Full Package - Dr Rupeka’s (D!ck Daddy) proprietary minimally invasive, non-surgical phalloplasty designed to increase the size and substance of the male penis. Patients with a normal-sized penis, along with those suffering from a small penis (2.75-5.25 inches erect), a micro-penis (less thank 2.75 inches erect), or a buried penis, can benefit from a phalloplasty. Dr Rupeka uses polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA or Bellafill) to perform penile girth enhancements. The biostimulatory filler is delicately placed along the entire shaft of the flaccid penis painlessly with a microcannula technique. These products then, over several weeks, will integrate with your body and stimulate the body's collagen production. 

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA or Bellafill) to immediately improve the girth of the penis, but, also to further stimulate collagen production. Bellafill is FDA approved for 5 years and will give you more of a permanent result. Bellafill is composed of charged microscopic spheres that are converted to type III and type I collagen in the body. These spheres are delivered in a bovine collagen matrix (gel). This gel will give you an immediate result, but, your body will metabolize it over the following couple months. At the same time, the PMMA spheres will be building your own collagen that will stay for up to 5 years. This type of enhancement is more permanent and is not able to be reversed. Dr Rupeka is currently the top Bellafill injector by volume in North America and uses a micro-droplet technique with a microcannula to ensure that this product is placed evenly and uniformly. This enhancement is also able to be built upon and additional treatments are able to be performed to make further increases in size. We recommend an initial treatment of at least 10-15 syringes, but Dr Rupeka can place as much as you would like to begin with. 
  • Penile Enhancement | $3,000 for the first 5 syringes of PMMA and $2,500 for every 5 syringes of PMMA after that. This is for each session. If you come back for an additional treatment, the first 5 syringes will be $3,000 and each additional 5 will be $2,500. 


Fuller Package - Dr Rupeka’s proprietary penile enhancement can be performed in conjunction with PRP to further boost collage stimulation, improve circulation, improve sensitivity, and improve erectile strength.

The Full Package and the Fuller Package can be combined with liposuction of the pubic fat pad and internal tissue contraction with Renuvion. This decrease in tissue at the base of the penis can further enhance the overall penile length.

  • Penile Enhancement with PMMA and PRP | $ Full Package price (depending on the amount of PMMA you want) + $1,900. So the Fuller Package pricing is essentially your Full Package price (based on the number of PMMA syringes) + a P-Shot. 


P-Shot (Priapism Shot)® - The P-shot is a relatively painless way of using your body’s own regenerative products to improve the health of your penis. It is done by extracting your blood and separating and injecting the regenerative components called PRP. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and is essentially the growth factors, stem cells, and platelets from your blood. The extracted and processed PRP is injected into the glans and corpus cavernosum of the penis where most of the blood vessels and nervous tissue are. The P-shot was invented by Dr Charles Runnels and there is many scientific studies and articles written on the effectiveness of using PRP for sexual dysfunction. The P-shot is done relatively painlessly and is used to:
-Improve symptoms related to Erectile Dysfunction
-Improve the symptoms and 
​tissue contracture related to Peyronie’s Disease
-Improve sensitivity to help enhance orgasms
-Improve sexual performance

  • P Shot - $1,900


**Important Information**

1. PMMA (Bellafill) does have more structure than HA filler and it will make your skin more “thick” or substantial due to the increased collagen formation. Because of this, your flaccid length will improve because your penis will not retract as much as it would have without the product in there.

2. There will usually (not all of the time) be some unevenness, lumps, bumps, etc after the procedure. This is initially formed from the bovine collagen gel matrix that is used as a vehicle to deliver the PMMA. Your body will gradually break down this product over time (usually 4-6 months) and you can accelerate this by massage and gentle, warm compresses, but you will have to have some patience as everything settles, the bovine collagen gel matrix brakes down, and the PMMA begins to stimulate collagen formation. 

3. You will want to avoid extreme heat (ie hot tubs), aggressive use, or anything that could cause possible genital trauma (contact sports) immediately after the procedure and for at least 2 weeks because you don’t want to melt the product, redistribute the product, cause any new bruising, or cause any new injury. 

4. If you have more than average length to begin with, generally you will need more than the average amount of PMMA. 

5. Generally with 10 syringes of PMMA, you could expect anywhere from 0.5-1.0” of girth increase. This will be very patient-specific dependent on each patient’s heath, medical history, and penis size.