Laser Hair Removal

At youthology, we offer the most advanced laser hair removal system. Our Splendor-X by Lumenis uses an Alexandrite + Ndyag with a ChillTip and vacuum-assisted technology. This translates to more of the hair follicules being destroyed per treatment with the least amount of energy affecting skin that we are not trying to target. The ability of this laser to use less energy to be effective means that we can treat all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI) and that we can offer the least chance of skin burns or unwanted discolorations. If you are a Fitzpatrick type V or VI we would recommend a test area prior to treatment with any laser. 

This advanced laser technology cuts the session times down to an average of 3-6 visits per area and makes the actual procedure virtually painless (without any prep, numbing agents, or lubricants).

We also offer laser services for hyperpigmented lesions, dark spots, and vascular lesions. 

Pricing is based on a 12 month package. You would need to be seen monthly until complete and the pricing below is based up to your first year of treatments. If you would require any touch ups after those 12 months, pricing would be based on the size of the area being treated. 

Our complete body laser hair removal is $5,000. If you start with one area and, over time, add more, we will eventually convert you to a full-body package so that you won’t pay more than the $5,000. Also, if you do part of one area, like lower legs, we will adjust the price accordingly.

  • Complete Body - $5,000
  • Face - $1,000
  • Upper Lip - $600
  • Chin - $600
  • Underarms - $1,000
  • Legs - $3,000
  • Bikini - $1,200
  • Brazilian - $1,800
  • Misc area - Priced by surface area