Facial Contouring

At Youthology, we leave our face work up to you and your injector. All of our appointments are called “Facial Contouring” appointments. They are like this so that you don’t feel like you have to know what exactly you need. Your concerns and a treatment plan will be discussed at each of your visits. A plan will be developed that not only coincides with your overall goals, but also works with your budget. 

Each facial contouring level is based on your budget. The appointment duration correlates with the associated level. If you want to build out your jawline (usually $2,500-$5,000), but want to stay under a smaller budget (like $800), then you would book a Level I facial contouring appointment and book 2-3 Level I appointments after that in a timeframe that works with your goals and any deadlines. If you are trying to achieve a certain look by an event (wedding), then you would want to space out your appointments in a manor that would both fit your budget and that timeframe. 

Although we will always stay under your stated budget, you are able to get discounts when you buy the biostimulators in bulk. For instance, 1 syringe of Bellafill is $800, 2 is $1,500, 3 is $2,100 and 6 are $3,000. As a guide, we are trying to eventually get about 2-3 syringes or vials of biostimulator in your face for every decade that you have been alive. So if you are in your 50s and have never done anything, then you should do a couple level III appointments because your overall rejuvenation will be discounted by about 50% by buying in bulk.

  • Face Contouring Level I   -  up to $1,500 (Example: Lips, Dysport, facial rejuvenation start on a small area)
  • Face Contouring Level II  -  $1,500 - $3,000 (Example: Jawline, Lips, Dysport)
  • Face Contouring Level III -  $3,000 and up (Example: Full face Rejuvenation or Jawline, Cheeks, Lips, and Dysport)
  • Bellafill: $800/1, $1,500/2, $2,100/3, $3,000/6
  • Sculptra: $800/vial
  • Restylane family of HA Fillers: $700/syringe or $80/10%
  • Dysport: $10/unit
  • Kybella: $700/vial
  • Undereye PRP: $400/treatment