Hair Restoration with PRP

Thinning hair can affect both men and women. At Youthology, we can help restore your self-confidence by stimulating the activity of your hair follicles to promote new hair growth. PRP has been scientifically shown to increase the count of hair follicles, the thickness of the hair, and the growth phase of the hair cycle. 

Many conditions can contribute to hair loss. Our physician will analyze your thinning hair or hair loss to determine your personal plan. Treatments are usually ongoing and multifaceted. Treatments are not a quick or easy fix, but, they are a medically and scientifically backed option for those struggling to find a hair loss solution.  

PRP for hair loss is recommended to be performed once a month for 4 consecutive months. This is necessary due to the growth cycle of a hair follicle.

  • PRP for hair restoration - $600 per treatment
  • Package of 4 treatments - $2,200