PDO Threads to Lift and Tighten

Skin Tight, Skin Lift

..__LIFT _ SHAPE__.._._._Eyebrow pull an
..__SNATCHED _ BROWS__.._._._PDO threads
..__ Tighten _ Lift __.._._._PDO threads

A PDO thread lift is a treatment which lifts and tightens sagging skin tissue using a dissolvable thread made of Polydioxanone (PDO). These threads, introduced into the deep dermis, produce three effects on the skin: 

  • Instant Skin Lifting through mechanical effects

  • Cellular Renewel, through Collagen Stimulation, and Neovascularization to improve skin texture, fine lines, and elasticity

  • Skin Tightening by contracting fat tissue

The PDO threads will dissolve over the course of 6 months through simple hydrolysis (they are like absorbable sutures). The effects of the thread lift will remain for an additional 3-6 months due to the cellular rejuvenation effects as described above. The results will vary depending on the area being treated. 

Snatched (or cateye) eyebrow lifting does often require a second treatment after about 4-6 weeks to maintain an exaggerated effect. 

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