Lip Enhancement

Lip God

2 of a syringe (0.5ml) of Restylane Defy
Hump Day = PLUMP DAY_._._So, I wanted to

Using advanced techniques that have been perfected over time, Dr Rupeka (lip god) is able to use hyaluronic acid gel in the lips like never before. Our lip enhancements are just that, your lips, enhanced the way that you want them.


Not everyone is the same, and, not everyone's goals are the same. With this in mind, Dr Rupeka is able to tailor your result to fit your profile and your desires.


Generally, Dr Rupeka uses 50-70% of a syringe per lip enhancement. He skin boosts and places the filler in planes that do build over time. This means that the results will eventually out-live the lifespan of the filler itself. It also means that you will not get filler placed in areas that you do not want it (outside of the lip tissue). 


Most lip enhancements cost roughly $350-$490 per session paying by what Dr Rupeka uses. If you choose to get a full syringe, a full syringe is $600 (members get an additional discount). Dr Rupeka uses Restylane Defyne or Restylane Refyne for his lip enhancements.  

Check out @youthologymedspa or #lipgod on instagram for more examples of his lip enhancements. 

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2 of a syringe of Restylane Defyne broug