Laser Services for Hair, Dark Spots, and Vessels

Efficient, Painless Hair Removal


At youthology, we offer the most advanced laser hair removal system. Our physican-operated Lightsheer Quattro laser by Lumenis uses a ChillTip handpiece with vacuum-assisted technology. This translates to more of the hair follicules being destroyed per treatment with the least amount of energy affecting skin that we are not trying to target. The ability of this laser to use less energy to be effective means that we can treat all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI) and that we can offer the least chance of skin burns or unwanted discolorations.

We know that your time is valuable, so we have both the ability to use a normal handpiece and a high-speed handpiece meaning that you can get a larger area done in minimal time (full legs usually about 9 minutes, underarms under 2 minutes).This advanced laser technology cuts the session times down to an average of 3-6 visits per area and makes the actual procedure virtually painless (without any prep, numbing agents, or lubricants).

We also offer laser services for hyperpigmented lesions, dark spots, and vascular lesions. 

Please check the "prices" page for our laser pricing. Generally, we keep are laser prices very affordable and allow you to pay as you go. We also offer significant discounts for multiple areas. Please contact us if you have any pricing questions. 

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