Facial Contouring

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Become The After

Whether you want to make your skin more youthful, lift sagging skin, erase wrinkles, or contour your cheeks, our appointments are set up very generalized. Dr Rupeka has a very unique style of injecting that is based in regenerative aesthetic medicine. This means that as he injects you, over time, your skin will not only look more youthful and rejuvenated, but, it will physically be more youthful. This approach is applied to help the older face look more youthful, helping a younger face look more rested or more contoured, erasing smile lines, and contouring cheeks. 

At Youthology, we use a combination of hyaluronic acid gel and biostimulators for our facial injecting. The planes that these products are injected into along with Dr Rupeka's microcannula injection techniques, allow these products to boost your skin and improve over time. This will also guard against you looking over-done or over-filled.


Dr Rupeka charges by what he uses and by what you need to achieve the results that you want. You do not need to buy "a syringe" of each product, and, due to the longevity of the products along with the skin boosting, you are able to build on what was done previously and not worry about constantly replacing product. 

Dr Rupeka will develop a plan with you to help achieve your goals in a way that will naturally improve your look without making you look different or not like yourself. In addition, due to how our pricing is set up, we are virtually able to work within any budget. 

If you would like a consultation, we offer free in-office consultations and consultations over facetime for our out-of-town patients. 

So, whether you would like your cheeks enhanced, smile lines erased, your skin lifted, or basically anything that is bothering you about your face, select facial contouring and your concerns will be addressed during your visit!

Become The After at Youthology Medspa

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