Buttock and Hip Augmentation 

Tighten, Shape, Smooth, & Lift 

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Non-surgical body sculpting is performed using biostimulators like Sculptra, Bellafill, and PRP. Biostimulatory fillers build your body's own tissue over time and naturally fill, smooth, and lift. Fill in dimples, hollows, and creases to create a more fuller, voluminous buttock with injections. You can also give a lift to your buttock, shape your hips, or fill your hip-dips. 


This is a nearly painless procedure that doesn't require surgery. This means that there is not any downtime. You can shape your buttock and still do all of your normal workouts and activities without missing a beat! These products will give you an immediate result, but, they do improve gradually over the course of 6 weeks to 3 months to produce an even better result that lasts up to 5 years. These products can be used in larger quantities at one time, or, you can add them gradually at your own pace to enhance or prolong the results. 

Due to the amount generally needed, volume discounts are given based on your goals and starting point. Dr Rupeka will work with your budget to try to get you the most product and the best result. Please contact us for more individual pricing.


Consultations are generally recommended prior to booking a treatment. Virtual consultations are able to be done and do require you to submit your questions, goals, and pictures to our HIPPA compliant secure email server at photos@youthologymedspa.com

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