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Body Contouring

Reverse the Aging Process with Body Contouring and Face Contouring

The process of aging is a natural phenomenon and everyone will go through it at different rates. Unfortunately, aging comes with several not-so-pleasant transformations on the body. Luckily for you, here at YOUTHOLOGY MEDSPA, we offer services that are unmatched when it comes to non-surgical body contouring, fat reduction, and skin improvement. Using a combination of radiofrequency,microneedling,collagen-induction, enzymes, and biostimulators, we are able to help you achieve that summer body that you desire without going under the knife, exorbitant costs, or excessive downtime. 

Here at YOUTHOLOGY MEDSPA, we are the first in Warren, OH, to offer truSculpt body contouring. truSculpt body contouring uses heat to comfortably diminish stubborn body fat in both large and small areas. The procedure will help to reduce fat and cellulite, which results in an overall leaner silhouette. And, since the heat is delivered via radiofrequency waves, it will also help tighten the skin. 

If you are in need of face contouring, we can also help with that. When it comes to face contouring, we take an artistic approach, and with an aesthetic eye that is unmated. Here at YOUTHOLOGY MEDSPA, we have talented professionals with years of experience who are able to yield subtle and natural enhancements that highlight your natural beauty. Trained in aesthetic proportions and contour, you can achieve that look you want without exorbitant costs or downtime.

Ready for body contouring and face contouring in Warren, OH? If so, make sure that you come to YOUTHOLOGY MEDSPA.